The Kuchees Awards


Couple Of Weeks Back – I Blogged Out – Announcing: The Kuchees.

Go Back Here – The ‘Hoochie Kuchees’ Are Coming! – To Get Caught Up Now.

“Alright, I Gave It More Thought Than I Should’ve, Which Isn’t Necessarily A Wise Thing.”

… Slimmed It Down To A Manageable List For A Couple Reasons.  None Of Them Good.



After A Recent Tough Day … And A Harder Kick-In-The-Cojones – Opine – Version-Of-The-Truth From A Blogger I Respected …

… Questioning My Authenticity, Wit, Writing Ability, Yadacetera … I Took A Big Bite From A Warm Merde Sandwich … You Know, Clever Trevor, All That I Could Muster Without The Tangy Mustard:

“Okay, Fine, I Get It.  Points Well Documented, Again.  I’m A Sad Ass, Untalented, Blowhard Hack.  I Suck At Humanity.  I’m A Mean, Insensitive SOB.  Worst Man Ever.  Better Dead To The World.  Thank You.  TEDTalks Is Calling, Gotta Roll, Bounce.”

How I was Feeling About Myself.  What I Said To Shitty Me.  I Was Ready To Drop This Unnecessary Mess Of A Blog, Again.



Came This Gem … 

Blogging Is Consuming, Draining.  Frankly, Not Worth The Effort Of Time Investment / Reward (On The Beigest Days).  Discussion?

And, Write Enough Nonsense As I Do, I’m Going To Offend.  Made A Mistake, Retract, Sorry, Repeat.  Not Malicious.  Just.  Not Going To Be Beloved.

“Plus, I Can Really Be A Dick When I’m Not Being An Asshole.”



Dump Kuched At Year-End And Move On To Something Else – Or – Stay Clear Of Friending On Dubya Pea.

“So, Then I Had A Go-F@ck-Myself Moment.”

And, I Wrote This.

“Because I Said I Would … And, Saying And Doing Are The Same Thing … To Me.”



To The 5 Kuchee Award Winners Below.

“You’re All Aces In My Book Of Secrets.  So Many, Many More Awesome Bloggers Out There Whom I Respect, Admire, Follow And Read.  Getcha Soon, Darlings.”

And, Regrets, That I Haven’t Contacted All Of You Prior.  Nice Surprise, Though On A Pleasant Saturday Morning, Right?  And This …

“Kuched Is Donating $25 Per Winner To The Daily Bread Food Bank To Start My Klove 2020 Fundraising Campaign.”



“Most Memorable Opening Sentence …”  

The Kuchee goes to Writer of Words, Etc.

(Lifted From) An Irksome Morning:

“Today I attracted a bunch of airheads and an ass wipe.  So, I came home at lunch and I’m not leaving ever again.”



“A Kindred Voice.”

The Kuchee goes to Tatterhood

I wouldn’t dare classify Tatterhood into any traditional blogging category, because it simply isn’t available to description.

Anne’s satire is as frank as it gets, but it’s her reflections and personal insights that reward the reader with a perspective we often negate in the clattering white noise of life.  And, if you want to laugh your way back to reality, check out of Tatterhood’s wickedly satirical post: Top 10 Ways to Improve a Shitty Day.



“The Blog With Purpose.”

The Kuchee goes to Mental Health @ Home

Ashley L. Peterson is an acclaimed Author and Blogger … helping to raise awareness about mental health issues and combat stigma.

Ashley’s posts enlighten and empower the reader, journaling a broad spectrum of Mental Health issues.  Comments and responses are among the most engaging in the Blogosphere.



“Adorable Earthly Treasures …”

The Kuchee goes to The Secret Garden

Angelica Rose is the creative energy revealing weekly messages …

Sparkling Pearls

… fighting depression, promoting self-love with an explosion of positive vibes.



“You Don’t Have To Like Lemons To Get This Blog.”

The Kuchee goes to … Borden’s Blather

Jim “Quincy” Borden’s affable writing rewards the reader with wit, levity and gentle reprieve of the Daily Grind.  Jim alleges: “Long-winded talk with no real substance”.

Don’t believe Jim about the substance part. It’s all there if you’re a Fan of Life. And, Living. Beyond the nonsensical, it’s a daily Go-To Blog – drop in – for a fresh, reverent peak into the Jim’s Blatherable nuances.


Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

22 thoughts on “The Kuchees Awards

  1. Jim Borden

    thanks for the award – it means a lot coming from someone whose blog I enjoy so much! I look forward to checking out the other award winners. I have more I want to say, but I think I hear the music starting to play, I guess it’s my cue to get off the page…

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  2. Prior...

    Great idea for Kuchee awards!
    And hope your blogging experience is not too draining – although we all
    Know that can creep in with any social media –
    And ….
    What I also like about your awards was the time you took to link and describe why those bloggers get that particular award! Was fun to read and also says much about your excellence in summarizing and assessing!
    Further – you seem to edify each of those bloggers by noting what you like about their blog and I look forward to checking out each of them. Although satire is not what I enjoy reading regularly (even if some well) I have bookmarked this post and will
    Click the links later.
    Oh and happy new year to you Kuchee 😉

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  3. LaShawn Uchenna Ani

    I love this, I’m so proud of all the winners. Most importantly, donating proceeds to charity. Great job. Proud of Jim, he always give you something to smile about

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