My 3rd Favorite Color …  Colour … Colore.

After Purple.  Then Blue.  Before White, If The Coloratti Are Including The Pale Shade In The Spectrum.

And, Um, Brown Is In There Somewhere.

“Au Chocolatey Brun, Darling.”



The Unlovable Bastard Child … 

A Tryst Offspring Sprung From The Loins

Of Beige And Grey.

… When Saucy Accountants Screw With The Rainbow.



You There?

Got A Favorite Color

You’d Like To Share?

… Don’t Keep Me In The Black.


Image by Andrew Kim from Pixabay

30 thoughts on “Pink

  1. Cathy Granert

    I hate to admit it, but I do like fuchia…fewsha…fusha…fuschia…fuchsia (lol, omg really, no spellcheck on that one?! So wrong). I love it but can’t spell it, so yes, pink. Yay.

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  2. alaskamanspeaks

    LOOK OUT tonite at your SKY it is the Full MOON night, the MOON is there to remind us humans that the Sun still shines, tho it be on the other side of this world, so tomorrow becomes today……All in Time, which is all right NOW…..There is no “Other” Place to go……


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