When Sushi Bites Back


After Work Last Night … 

A Planned Office Thing.  Previous Plans For A Larger Soirée Tanked.  Good Intentions Thwarted.

“Thwarting, Huh?”

… Because Whatever! Apparently Happens When The Sandbox Becomes A Litter Box Overfilled With Apathy, Grumpy Curmudgeons And Elevated Pessimism For The Holiday Season.



It’s Slippery Slope Down The Festivus Tree … 

When Thwarting Twerks To Thwacking.

When Passive Gets Aggressive.  It’s An Ugly Leap.  Faith Has Nothing To Do With It.

“So, Let’s Keep Our Hands In Our Pockets And The Chop Sticks Where I Can See Them.”



Never Sit In The Center Seat At A Table … When Food Is Served Family-Style On Platters.

I Have Bite Marks On My Right Elbow.  There’s Also A Chunk Of Useable Flesh Gone Missing On The Medial Head of My Triceps Brachii.

“Forensics Will Be Running Dental Records Once HR Hears About This.”  

… I’d Like It Back Before I Go Gymmying Tonight.



Oh, Did I Mention That Hungry Girls … Can Eat … A Lot.

“He Ditten?”

Yep, Because Someone At The Table Asked If I Was Going To Write About Last Night In My Blog.  Happy Now?

… I’ll Be Paying For This Post Later Today And Into 2023.


Image by Adamsov Production from Pixabay

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  1. Cathy Flores Granert

    Wuut, I thought you were kidding about the blog! This is great!! I remember the last time I was out with you guys for sushi and yes, can confirm bite marks are a plausibility (is that a word?..too bad, mine now!).

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