And, The Love Goes To …


For Participating In Yesterday’s You Name It, I’m Buying Game …

In Raising Awareness About Hunger

And, Dropping A Few More Shekels To Help Fight Hunger

… Every Bit Counts When There’s No Bites To Swallow.



Sunday’s Pitch Raised $169 … Copped To A Buck A View

Plus, Some Sweet Private Donations

“Grazie, My Darlings.”

… Klöve All Around … We Go-Go.



Add In Silent Dollar Drops From Earlier This Year …  

And, The $331 Raised At Kuched’s One Year Blog Party

Final Cha-Ching – Cha-Chang’d – To Over $700.

… We Helped To Feed A Family Of Four – Three Nutritious Meals A Day – For 8 Weeks!



It’s A Modest Start … With A Big Untapped Upside.

Kicking Klöve Into 2020

We Gonna Do The Right Thing.

… Starting With International Hangover Day On Da Furst of MMXX.



Okay, It’s Simply Complicated …  

I Don’t Believe Everything In Life (Or Death)

Needs To Be Defined By Wins (Winners) Or Losses (Losers).

… Because, Really, That’s Just Silly Sh!t?



Yeah, But Not The Kind You Wear Around Your Neck Or Mine …  

Or, Loosely At The Side Draped Over The Hip In A Sarong.

More Like These Two:

KDriz/zy/le And Kuch.



For The Month Of December … 

I’m Dropping The Mike …

No Michael … No Mikey Schtick.

Starting.  Right.  Now.


Photo by Steve Johnson from Pexels

12 thoughts on “And, The Love Goes To …

  1. alaskamanspeaks

    Mr.Kuch, My goal is to have no people going to bed with an empty belly in my town, Since I got myself down to living on $300. or less a month, I have some filthy lucre left over, so every month since 2007, I have faithfully donated $100, sometimes $200. to my local food pantry, recently my Love & best friend of 35 years passed. I had been saving up a chunk of change for Her to live on, as I always figured I would be the first to go. So now what to do with that $$$$$? I do not need it, So I wrote out the biggest checks of my life: $10 K, to that food pantry, 10K to Doctor’s without Borders, and so on, Made some people’s day for sure! It sure made my day! I wonder if those fortune 500 richest people ever think about sending even $5.00 to their food pantry? I doubt it, as all the rich want is more, more, more, for themselves…..When my old heart stops beating I want .10 cents left in my bank account, because sure as I live, I know you cannot take it to that grave, Oh sure, the widow can toss in a check for his whole net worth, but one finds that he cannot buy his way into heaven, money is of no use there. It makes me laugh/sad, that those rich men could use their great fortunes to make this world a much better place…..some 85-90 year old men are still working to make that next billion bucks; I have never seen a one of them say, “Well, I’ve got Enough…..So good on you for working hard to feed or less-fortunate brothers & sisters……Kudo’s Brother!


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