Save The Date, Feed Their Fate


Tap Your Calendar … Mark It In Pink Or Blue … XOXO Will Do.

As Kuched Hits The Big One.

That’s 1.0 In Blogger Years.

It Only Feels Like More Because I Haven’t Done More.”



Now, We’re Doing Something Special & Good Together …  

To All The Beautiful Followers Of This Unnecessary Blog:

“Would You Be A Darling And Be A Darling, My Darlings?”

… To The Lovers.  The Courageous.  The Givers.



I’ll Be Serving Virtual Appy’s …

Digital Cocktails.  Martini Bar.  Boozeless Peach Bellini’s.

A Surprise Or Two.

… Hugs Abound.



Y’all Don’t Need Permission … 

Or, A Weekend Hall Pass.

Life Doesn’t Need An RSVP.

… Space is Unlimited Like Your 💜



Comment On Anything … Or Nothing … Just Be.

“Say, Hey, or Hi.  Ciao, Ciao.  Hola, Aloha.”

Free Thank Y’all’s & Smiley Emoji Faces … To The First 7,763,035,301 Visitors.

Like This 😎 & That 🤓



Or, You’re Unplugged, Unavailable … This Weekend … 

Buzz Me Telepathically.  I’ll Get The Message.  Feel You.  Yeah, It’s A Geeky Thing I’ve Been Working On Like It Was 1986 Now: TLOGGING.

“Think: … ‘Love-Needs-Love/Feed.Our.Hungry.Children/Kuched’ … Any Order.  Any Time.”

… I’ll Get It.  I Always Do.  



KUCHED Is Donating $1 For Every Visitor … On Your Behalf …

To The Daily Bread Food Bank.

It’s About Us … Helping …

… Those Who Need It Most.



No, I’m Praying Paying For Love … 

Yours.  Ours.  Together.

“This Is What We Do … When No One’s Watching, But Those With None.”

… And, Children Cry In Hunger.



Hungry No More … You’ve Been There Before, Mikey …  

Dream, Dream Baby Child, Not Of Food Or Love

Nourish Your Heart

… In The Light Of Kindness Breaking The Darkest Night.


Photo by Namo Deet from Pexels

34 thoughts on “Save The Date, Feed Their Fate

    • alaskamanspeaks

      Great Post,Brother, we think a lot alike, My lady of 35 years just passed, well I had saved up $$$$$ for Her to live on when I passed first…..What to do with It? I can live on less than $300.00 bucks a month, what did I need $$$$$ for? So for the first time in my life I wrote out $10,000.00 dollar checks to Doctor’s Without Borders, My local Food Pantry, and other worthy causes, it felt really good to be able to do that, I thought of what use is $$$$$ to me? I am an old man & the entrance to Heaven cannot be bought into with $$$$$, one has to enter naked as the day they were born…..When I pass I want .10 cents in my bank account! We have to work Together to defeat the Greed Monster that is destroying our only Livable Planet, and I made a start; I also told people to Not Shop, Donate, Donate in your Children’s Names, and tell them what You did and Why You did it! This simple act will keep our garbage dumps from filling up^ with unwanted trash and wrapping paper!

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      Thank you, Brother. Yes, we do. Appreciate your thoughts and what you’re doing.
      Very sorry to hear about the passing of your dear beloved Lady.
      I was dancing on the threshold of sustenance and conspicuous consumption. I want a minimalist lifestyle. I’m a big city boy – middle-aged guy – cresting over his Gravy Train Days, but I’m paying for it literally and figuratively.
      Doing something more than investing in vanity, shiny things, and more unnecessary crap than we could ever possibly use in multiple lifetimes of waste.
      I’ve started the framework for a solo benevolent start up called, Klove, which I’ll share more on posts in 2020.
      I support the Daily Bread Food Bank. Ran a little thing last Saturday and doing something different later today to help raise awareness and a few dollars.
      God Bless, friend.


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