This Ain’t No Party


Raw.  Naked.  Like A Shucked Oyster Bathing In Its Liquory Brine … 

I’ve Seen The New Quadrant Of Evil.

And, It Ain’t Pretty.

… The Neophyte Assholes Of The Apocalypse Are Now Available In A Convenient 4-Pack.


Oh, Darling, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart … After Breaking My Stones … Talking The Cojones.  I Confess My Adoration:

“We’re So Close, Don’t Push Me Away.  It’s Been A Wonderful First Year.  The Two Of Us.  Getting Kuched Together.”

I Just Dropped A C-Note & A Half To Rekindle Our Dirty Tryst.  Hug Me, Sugar.  Let’s Spoon A While Before You Go …

And, Please Cantcha Just Get Your Sh!t Together For More Than A Night?


You Run This World …

But Not Mine, Billy Gee.  Billy Gee.  Billy Gee Whiz.

“We Ain’t That Close, Money … That I Won’t Let You Go.”

… You Don’t Go Crackin’ Up Every Time I Need You Here … Be Ghosting You Soon, Amigo.


What Can I Say?  You Almost Went For A Bath in 49 Words.  And, Now You’re Back, Doing Your Tired-Ass Schtick … Schticking It Too Me …

“Hey, But I Botcha For Free On My Air Miles Points, Cantcha Just Hold Me After The Reach Around?”

Been Working, Twerking (Ew, No), Travelling, Dreaming … About Bringing An iMac, Back Home, Like Before.

… Now, How’d You Like That Apple, Sunshine?


Like I Have A Choice, Mr. Rogers. – Ted, Not Fred – To Be Clear.

Is The Dark Web Really A Thing?

A Place I Can Go That Isn’t Forbidden And Populated With Peeps & Creeps, Flat Earthers, Guys Wearing Bootcut Dungarees & Sketchers … 

… Where The Hell I Can Get A Better Connection?


Is A Toxic Heap … 

None Of You Alphabet Faceless SOBS Get Along For More Than An Hour.

When Meritocracy Becomes Law And Dysfunctional Isn’t A Thing Worth Rewarding.

… Whatcha Gonna Do?


Let Me Say It, Again:  This Is Exactly Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.

It’s All About Us.  All Y’all and Me.  Love Child Mick, Over Here, Makes It Five.

A Little Respect And Love On Me:  I Feed You.  Clean Up Your Damn Mess.  Pay The Bills To Keep Your Lights Shining, And All I Get Is Frozen Screen.

… Now, Give Me Some Thrills.


Tonight Around 7.  Mi Casa, Su Casa.  Don’t Park In My Driveway.

Pizza & Beer.  Cauliflower Wings With Piri Piri Dipping Sauce.  I’ve Got Napkins.

We Gonna Talk It Over … Over A Lager Or Two … Make It Work It Out.

… Billy Gee, Guess Who’s Buying?

Image by Pixabay

22 thoughts on “This Ain’t No Party

  1. Suzette Benjamin

    Yes! It is about time that the anthem of culture versus technology be heralded. True Michael, one struggle is: to remain free to choose “nice things,” when the established choices are arguably limited. Brilliant piece of writing. All the best at 7 with the long overdue intervention, Cheers.🥗

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      You’ve put it so well, Suzette. This morning was one of the most frustrating times I’ve had navigating through the mess of electronic and digital malfunctions. It destroys the creative process. Not sure how the world makes it through a day without a total breakdown. 😊

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