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To all those other Blogging Neophytes, my first response to learning about The Sunshine Blogger Award was … “Okay, What Took So Damn Long!  Right?  Followed by …

“Winnah-Winnah-Chicken-Dinnah, Oh, Joy … to Settle-It-The-Hell-Down-To-Hades-Tout-de-Suite, Mick.  You’re embarrassing yourself.  It’s not like there’s any redeemable cash value that comes along with the gloating on a single post.  And, You Ain’t The First, The Last, The Everything.  It’s not that kind of award, Hoss.”

No, it wasn’t Pulitzer calling.  Suppose, I should unblock their number though.

And, I haven’t attended a UN Security meeting in months – Kim Jong-un been a Ghosting Me, Bra? – so, no Nobel Peace Prize is in the Stocking This Christmas.

An Oscar?  Have you seen the unwatchable student film I was in?  TIFF, Cannes and Sundance, y’all follow?  I’m Jonseing for an IMDb listing.  Hook me up, Hollywood.   

So, no.  The Es-Bee-Eh it is, darlings.  Thank you



I’ve been nominated by Angelica Rose.  She’s exactly all that … a perfect moniker.  Thank you, Angelica Rose.

Her Blog, The Secret Garden – Transcends the Surreal and Fantasy to an impossibly beautiful Realm Resplendent with Faith, Hope and Goodness.

Angelica’s Special Sparkles are Life-Affirming Gems – Positive Vibes, Self-Love – shared through Endearing Truth.

“It is more than writing as a talent.  It is the ability to let a trip be alive in each and every blog post.  Where you can forget about the reality and enjoy a fun ride.  Michael A. Kuch did all that in one place Kuched:” – Angelica Rose


  1. As time goes by, has your eagerness to blog changed?

Yes. In A Positive Way.

For a brief period about 10 years ago, I’d started and shortly afterward deleted a special purpose blog for an organization I’ve been involved with since high school.  Interest waned and the topics too narrow to be of interest to build and sustain a larger following, which is critical to Blog survival.

With KUCHED, my objective was to use blogging as a forum to share my writing projects, specifically, fiction.  I’ve completed a manuscript (for a novel) and have written several other works in various states of completion/neglect/denial.  I’m soaking some of these in battery acid.  Those that survive will meet an industrial-sized paper shredder.  I consider these as tormenting studies in developing usable writing skills rather than publishable efforts.

Now, I’m enjoying the Blogosphere.  It’s a friendly, supportive, interactive community.  A safe place to be, considering the prevailing nastiness of many social media networking platforms.  Short Answer: I’m more eager today than a year ago.

  1. What are your future plans for your blog page?

Great Question.

Spoiler Alert: Kuched Celebrates Its One-Year Anniversary on WordPress on November 23.

There’ll be Cake.  Coffee.  Water Balloons.  To Throw At The Clowns …

I’m contemplating a Design Theme change (from Canapé, which is a restaurant-friendly format for menus, recipes, etc.), to a theme more conducive to publishing Editorials and general Blogging.  I prefer Minimalism in the aesthetics, structure and layout, which Canapé does well.  As for content, I’ll continue with regular posts.

I’m An Insatiable Writer.  Really, more of a ‘Word Stylist’.  Ew, Really?  Connecting words with other words.  No preference.  Any order.  Grammar optional.  Let readers figure it out what I’m trying to say because I don’t always know.

Spiritual Awareness tends to be a central theme that will continue, though I’m working on being less preachy and toning down my hypocrisy.  Daily Meanderings.  Life.  All of It. And, something I’ll announce in 2020 to connect with My Purpose to Give Back.

It starts with a K.  Love is involved.  Stay Humble.

  1. Are you satisfied with the mission of your blog page?

No.  I’m Never Satisfied With Any Endeavor.

I like to propagandize KUCHED as being testimony of my Self Evolution; morphing through Spiritual Awareness and Discovering My True Purpose In Life.  Ramblings of An Imperfect Man to Slightly Better Human With More Work-To-Be-Done to Hell, It’s A Slow March To Purgatory And Back ending with Shouldn’t-We-Just-Laugh-About-It?

There’s a well-traveled, if not disjointed, journey under the emotional sheathing that masks much of my writing in nuances.  I’m rarely bang on point even when I think I am.  Writers should be a little delusional.  It only adds to the aura of dysfunctional.  Should the reader subscribe to follow this path starting with my earliest posts, it reveals truth – not always nice or kind – in the chasms between dark and light.

It’s a Love/Meh Thing.  Its never been about Likes or Followers, which all bloggers claim and I’m no different.  And, its embarrassingly full of grandiose Me-isms, which I need to edit the smithereens out of my (It’s Not All) About (Me) page.  It’s bloated.  Goofy.  And, mostly true.  Except for the Facts, which I made up.

  1. Do you have a planner for your blog page or do you go with how you feel?

Yes, Sort Of, However, I Change It So Frequently It Should Probably Be Called An Adult Pull-Up Diaper For Writers. 

Flexibility Is Essential For Not Losing One’s Creative Mind when it comes to be organized and structure.

I write in the morning to accommodate my work schedule.  I’m out of my house for about 12 hours a day, so I may take a few minutes in the day to tap ideas into my iPhone.

When I started, I had over 300 ideas – rough drafts, snippets of posts, ramblings, curious thoughts – saved on Word docs.  The last few weeks, I’ve been posting articles written the same morning, which is new to me.

I’m undecided whether to continue with posting everyday though it appears to be essential to growing readership, which I can attest to throughout the past two months.

  1. In case, you didn’t feel like blogging. Will you take the day off or push yourself and blog anyways?

I’m Naturally Weird Wired To Push Myself More Than Rest, Which Isn’t Necessarily A Good Thing.

Too long away from anything kills flow.  And, who doesn’t like flow?  Flow, Flow, Flow Your Boat.

I’d rather take the day off work – which I never do – and life to write.  But, both of these Side Hustles always get in the way.

It’s how much I enjoy the process.  I’m wiped by the end of it.  Then want to start back up.

  1. What is your secret to a successful blog post?

Bribing Readers … With Humor … Honesty … My Heart On The Page … Tears When I Have Enough To Share … 

Seriously, No Secrets: I Write As Close To How I Feel & As Capable I Am Of Self Expression.

Also, I’m An Unabashed Proponent of Hyphens.  I-Use-Them-Almost-Everywhere – To Interrupt Myself – Even Between Periods . – . – . – .  And to make broken lines – – – – –

Honesty and transparency are also keys, as is a certain belief system – of God and then Self – I’m still working on getting the order right.  We’re in Negotiations.  Getting closer everyday.

And, Willingness to be Vulnerable.  It sounds counter intuitive and weak.  Don’t be fooled.  Yet, I’ll attest to it being the opposite.  Those that are aware of their vulnerability find strength and confidence to express themselves without worry of failure.

In Your Voice.  A Big Cliché That Matters.  Find It.  Yours, Not Others.  Your Words You Own.  Use Them Wisely.  The Fewer The Better.  Don’t Trust Adverbs or Adjectives.

Don’t Curate Your Thoughts.  Let Them Escape.

Lastly, Don’t Any Rules About Writing.  Stop Using Don’t.

  1. What inspires you the most?

Failing.  I Do It Often Enough, We’ve Become Inseparable.

This may sound like elevated Self Love – even pompous – but I’m instinctively Self Motivated and don’t look to other influencers to inspire.  In fact, I shy away from it.

God, of course, is the Eternal Light.  The Way.  My Biggie.

I Am Everything In His Grace And Glory.

  1. What is your favorite flower?

I have a warm spot for Red Carnations out of symbolism of Kindred Spirits of the Fraternal Brotherhood I am invested in.

Aesthetically, I love Yellow Roses.  Peach and Pink ones, too.

Orchids are cool.  And, is anything but a Shih Tzu prettier than a Daisy?

A bouquet of wildly colorful flowers – purples, fuchsia, orange – if anyone is in the sending mood.

  1. Are you a risk taker or you play it safe?

Risk-Taker All The Way. 

Everything I’ve ever failed at – or – have achieved, is because I’ve taken risks.

Some, objectively calculated, others by the seat of my pants.

Either way, without risk the reward is meaningless.

  1. Summer time or Winter time?

Summertime every time.

Beach, sun, warm.

Odd for a natural-born (occasionally reluctant) Canadian, but I’d rather hibernate than deal with the cold, blustery Winter past Christmas.

I’m warm-blooded.

  1. Hot drinks or cold drinks?

A Little Of Both, But Never At The Same Time, Which Is How Luke-Warm Was Invented.

Hot Chocolate on Cold Days.  Espresso every morning, which I’ve written about several times.

Herbal Teas when I want to relax.  I don’t like icy cold drinks, so I tend to drink water when it gets to room temperature.

Spirits seldom, whenever I imbibe at a social occasion, served at the proper temperature.



Could This Just Be A Little More Difficult?

I admire so many.  Follow several.  Would nominate dozens, but alas, some are Award-Free Bloggers, as I will be following my two recent nominations.

I’d like to shine the focus and accolades on one:

Arnetta L. Lane – Life With Lane: “Doing Things That Matter”

Beyond an infectious, glowing smile and a big, open heart for the world to hug back – Arnetta is incapable of hiding this in her photos 😊 – she takes her readers on a magical journey with stops at her favorite dining spots, locally and abroad, posting a collage of photos and snippets of the splendor of Life With Lane.

Family is Love is my impression, and its omnipresent in Arnetta’s every breath shared through regular posts.  Socially conscious, proactive and responsible, she actively supports many causes, holding true to Doing Things That Matter.

Don’t miss her regular “Reasons I Smiled This Week” … and so you will when you do.

Faith-First incubation of Selfless Love and True Human Spirit In Helping Others is presented in kaleidoscopic testimony to her Make-You-Smile Goodness … one good reason I’ve nominated Arnetta Lane / Life With Lane Blog for The Sunshine Blogger Award.

Applauso, Bellissima.


  1. Ask Permission First Or Forgiveness Later?
  2. The Worst Fashion Crime You’ve Ever Committed In Public And Were Never Convicted?
  3. Name Your Top 3 Go To Songs You Sing Car Karaoke?
  4. Do You Listen To Music While You Write?
  5. What Story Or Article Do You Want To Write Most?
  6. Secret Crush On A Movie Star, Famous Singer, Athlete Or Writer?
  7. If You Could Be Named After A Color, Which One Would It Be?
  8. Where Was Your Love Of Food Inspired?
  9. Your Next Bucket List Adventure?
  10. Your Biggest Inspiration To Write?
  11. Have You Ever Encountered … A Person, Phenomena, Miracle or Similar Occurence In Your Life That Moved You To Write About It?


  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blogging sites
  • Answer their questions
  • Nominate up to 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions
  • Notify the nominees about their nomination via their blog or social media
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post

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    A double shot of thank you. Thank you for your kind complements about The Secret Garden & I. Thank you for answering my questions with your unique way & humor. I appreciate how you took some of your valuable time to answer them. Kindly, consider publishing your novel. Give it a chance and let it see the light. You know as much as it is important to catch readers attention by blogging everyday. You have to trust that even if you take a break or lower the number of your posts per week. You will still get your readers support. I enjoyed reading your answers. They were fun, written in an artistic way & most importantly informative. YOU ARE A CHAMPION Michael ☺️🌸💗


  2. ❦Kara❦

    Now I wish more than ever I had a house on Second Life. I’d invite your entire party there! In addition to your cake and streamers (made the streamers up!), there’d be naked avatars!

    Congrats on the nom. Well-deserved. I have a few of these floating around out there somewhere that I’ve not yet acknowledged, haha! I feel so guilty. Can you tell? 😈


    • ❦Kara❦

      There are too many naked avatars. I signed on the other day and MINE was naked. A first. It was a little unsettling….digital diddling when I’m logged out was not a risk I’d factored in on SL. It was cool, though. No one was around. I think I just forgot to lock my clothes or something…. 😅😅

      Hey, you’re funny and your blog rocks. Have the best day, Michael. Lates.

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