The Sunshine Blogger Award


To all those other Blogging Neophytes, my first response to learning about The Sunshine Blogger Award was … “Okay, What Took So Damn Long!  Right?  Followed by …

“Winnah-Winnah-Chicken-Dinnah, Oh, Joy … to Settle-It-The-Hell-Down-To-Hades-Tout-de-Suite, Mick.  You’re embarrassing yourself.  It’s not like there’s any redeemable cash value that comes along with the gloating on a single post.  And, You Ain’t The First, The Last, The Everything.  It’s not that kind of award, Hoss.”

No, it wasn’t Pulitzer calling.  Suppose, I should unblock their number though. Continue reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award”