Mañana, Mañana


I Figured Wouldn’t It Be Sweet-As-Pickled-Prunes …   

If All Y’all Got A Sneak Peak

Into The Cool Stuff I’ve lined up for next week.

… Seven Decadent Days In The Mostly Fabulous Life of Mick.



Breakfast With The Boys Today.  Local Diner.  Yes, I’ll Complain Later That I Could’ve/Should’ve Made A Better Meal With Twice-As-Much Food For Less-Than-Half The Price … 

We might meet at 10.  Likely Noon.  Wouldn’t surprise me if they both show up at 2.

Number One will present himself as mildly hungover – adorably disheveled – from a Halloween Party.  He’d mentioned recently his idea of dressing up as a ‘Creep’ … but needed to score a pair of Sketchers, Boot Cut Jeans and a Dad Jacket?  Check you uncle’s closet, I suggested.  Number Two will arrive fresh-faced, buff and Not Hungover.

We’ll Talk About Last Night.  The Party.  Costumes.  University.  Cars.  Working Out.  Girls. 



A Lot Less Than Any Other Day Of The Week … 

But, Being A Deep-dish Influencer of Fate, I’ve Scored An Invite To … 

The Toronto Raptors – Defending NBA Champions, Just Saying – game against the Orlando Magic.

An Infrequent Perk.



A Weak 80’s Reference …  Is All I Had … A Better One Will Come ALong 7 Minutes After Posting.

Going Slim Gym.  After Work.  I’m Breaking Bad Habits with a new Training Scheme, which is exactly like the Last One, but doesn’t include working out for a week then taking off three.

And, shopping for a new iPhone?  Maybe.  My Two-Year Plan Is Up.

I’m indecisive.  I really don’t want another new phone because I already have Two Too Many.  Yeah, I’m One of Those Types (albeit Reluctant, Apologetic) Insufferably Annoying Dinks that parades around a pair of them, because work issued me one and well …



Girls Night Out – Act Two …   

Another Design Industry Social Event.

Check Out GNO Act One.

I’m Not Sure What To Expect – More of The Same Lame Game? – But I Need A Haircut.



What Now?

I’m Skipping Halloween.  No Trick – or – Treat.  I’m not contributing to Cavities.  Childhood Obesity.  Type 2 Diabetes.

Grabbing a Bite.  Catching A Movie.  Western Stars or Hustlers.

It only sounds like The October Grinch, but I’m making a modest donation to The Daily Bread Food Bank in lieu of, because Food Matters Most When You Have None.



Thank God … 

The Best Thing About Friday’s?

“Just 3 More Sleep’s Until Monday …”

Said absolutely no one working for a living.



Thinking About … 

Winning The Lottery.

Also, I’ve been procrastinating about vhanging the days I Time Travel from Wednesday/Thursday to Saturday/Sunday.

I’ll let you know how that goes either today or yesterday … 



Fun Stuff?

Happy.  Happy.  Happy.

Good Times?

Nice All The Way … 


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7 thoughts on “Mañana, Mañana

  1. Michael A. Kuch

    Hi, Erica – Always lovely to hear how other bloggers are getting on. I’m glad all is well on the Pacific side of The Dominion. I wasn’t far off with the boys … meeting for breakfast at lunchtime. Number One was nursing the start of the flu – he skipped Halloween festivities – which I hope I didn’t catch. I was planning on getting a flu shot this year. Soon. I’m flirting with an iPhone 10. I’ve been nursing a 6s for 2 years – no complaints – and work just issued me an 8 two weeks ago. Honestly, I can’t tell the difference … I could use a bigger screen though. Thanks for the comments.


  2. Erica/Erika

    Fun on the foreshadowing of The Boys, Michael. I suspect you will be right on.

    Re: phones, a personal decision, of course. About two weeks ago I went from a 6 to a 10. I wish I would have done this sooner. Significant.

    Your Thursday is a good share. Creates a ripple effect.

    Lots of good in my life, thank you for asking:) A great, witty, engaging post. Again.

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