My Pretty Mess


The Century Club.  Made It.  Cento, Cool.

Does WordPress give out anything – Gift Cards, Coupons, Purple Ribbons, Swag, Yadacetera – to commemorate One-Hundred Posts?

“No?  Just Asking Because I’m Feeling A Little Under Appreciated And Over Entitled.”

My Millennial Moment …  I’m All Hopped Up About Achieving A Mild Milestone And Only I’ve Noticed.  It’s A Very Teachable ‘Love-Me-Now, Love-Me-Always, Love-Me-Because’ Opportunity.  



Back On November 23, 2018 …

Publish Two Awesome Articles a week on Kuched.  Saturday and Mid-Week-ish.

“Occasionally, I’d Drop Big Bonus Posts In Between For The Content-Starved Followers …  Of Which There Were None.”

So, With Few Exceptions, That’s What Happened … And, Then Some Goofy Things I Hadn’t Expected.



Forty-Seven Weeks?

Yeah, Not Much.  Same Hair Style.  Nailed it.

What Else?  Oh, I’ve lost a couple El Bee Esse’s (er, Kee-Lo’s).  Gained a couple right back (Where They Belong).

… Because Being A Skinny-A$$ Blowhard gets you nowhere, but here.


75,486+ WORDS

I Could’ve Written Another Crappy, Unpublishable Novel – In Less Time – Using All The Same Words, But In Different Order … 

What I Should’ve Done Was …  Saved All Of These Words For Accomplished Writers Who Would’ve Put Them To Better Use.”

Sorry, Pisanes.  No, I Ditten.  I hoarded, whored, hijacked … every word I could find.

So, I tried this.  It seemed Obvious.  Innocuous.  Unavoidable.



Most Of The 75K Words … 

I’ve hammered out in Fragmented Sentences. 

Random Meanderings.  Like This.  And, That.

The occasional, insufferable Run-On Sentence.  And, I Still Suck At Grammar – I prefer the term, Literary Anarchist – and tend not to use it, except for periods.



Or Poetic … 

Not even close.

It’s just My Pretty Mess.

“What Happens When I’m Left Alone Unsupervised At A Keyboard … Sipping Tre Espresso Doppio, Bella.”



The GoodI’m Not A Narcissist … I’m Simply Unfinished Me – Imperfect, Conflicted, Hypocritical, Vain, Dumb, Boorish, Polarizing, Genuine Bastard … Forgivable, Decent, Tolerant – Trying To Put Self Love / Self Loathing Into Perspective Without P!ssing Off Everyone Who Isn’t Me.

The Bad …  Likes.  Go All In For Loves, I say.  Trusting, wanting, chasing, courting, bribing Likes – It’s Bad Romance – not a relationship worth pursing.  Like dating a hooker?

The Meh  Don’t Give Advice, Mick.  Nobody Listens.  Fewer follow it.  And, they probably shouldn’t.  Those whom are qualified to give it, usually charge (see: Dating A Hooker above).  Except, God, but we don’t listen to Him do we?

The Really, NowDrop Your Britches & Take A Long, Slide Down An Icy Hill.  Write Naked – If You Have Any Reservations or Inhibitions of Whether or Not You Should Be Doing This.  Perhaps, donning a Jacquard Smoking Jacket.  Oh, How Continental, Sir.  Kimono.  Konnichiwa.  Maori Sarong.  Kia ora.



Invested In Good Self.   

Write it in My Voice.  The Stuttering, Scatter-Brained Pinball In My Head Eventually Spews Out Something Worthy of a

“Hey, Now.  He Ain’t Half Bad.” 

Those That Get It, Will Get It.  Those That Don’t May Be Right About Me.  Either way, Thanks, for being here.



Sure, Why Not?  Despite My Grandest Efforts to Keep This Unnecessary Blog A Secret …

“I’ve Failed … Deferred Success To An Imaginary Place And Time Where Relevance, Talent And Purpose Intersect At The Crossroads of Fate Delivered.  Something Like That.”

I had hoped to remain Sub Rosa.  Boutique Blog.  Small Deal.

That went straight to Hades in a Hermes Hand Bag when I started following others.



How Hard Could It Be To Attract A 1,000 Followers In A Year?

Perhaps, It’s Just Me – It’s Always Me – but, that benchmark matters none.  Now.

I’m not much of a Social Media Pimp.  I don’t chase ambulances.  Or bark at the wind.  Do we need another Faux Influencer of What Now?

I’ve gotten over most of my Delusions of Grandeur long ago.



Cognizant, I Am … As I Write. 

Just Like I Speak.  Truncated.  Wandering.  

Scattered.  Too Many Thoughts.  Far Too Many Words.  Hyphens-Are-A-Thing-Of-Significant-Presence-In-My-Life.

… I’m Constantly Interrupting Myself – Hey, Did I Mention I Saw A Fox Cross The Road On Tuesday? – To Make A Point Of Interrupting Myself.



Hey, I’m Big In Belgium, Too.

And, Mauritius.

Gracias, Argentina.  Could be The Tango Thing … 

More Followers there than My Friends and Family.



I’ve Got A Few Of My Own Favs … Things I’ve Written That I Don’t Disown … Some Personal, Many Goofy, A Couple Of Spiritual Awareness. 

Shameless Self-Plug Alert:  Check Out if you haven’t, go back again, if you have:

In Me … Still

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“Happy As Pig In Sh!t”

My Beloved French Tutor Eulogized

The Joy Of Colonoscopy Prepping – Volume 4.0

The Tao Of Self-Deprecating Humor

My Mirror Has Big Issues

I Was Poked By Three

I Can’t Dance



Listing The Dozen’s Of Bloggers I Follow … 

I’ll Get Back To You On My Favorite Favorites.

“Soon, Darlings, Soon.”

Once I get permission to share.  There’s a Bunch of Goodies … 



Back To Irrelevance and Obscurity … My Safe And Happy Place.

It’s Always Been About The Journey.

And, Tired Clichés.

Cheap Therapy.



Oops!  That Page Can’t Be Found.

It looks like nothing was found at this location.

Maybe try one of the links below or a search?

“Nice One, WordPress … Fix It, Por Favor.”


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  1. Erica/Erika

    Congratulations on one hundred, Michael! Definitely a milestone. You remind me of the saying “finding your voice.” Then, I see you have added this point. Unique, interesting, an art form. Also, interesting how bloggers around the world connect such as Cambodia. A fun, yet thought-provoking post.

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  2. mattyk

    Congratulations on your milestone Michael!
    Why am I not surprised on the number of followers and fan base you have acquired in such a short time?
    May you keep sharing this extraordinary gift you have and may it always keep you grounded in your truth. My best always

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