Sunday Is My Unday


Mind Chatter – Background Noise Of Discontent – Pre-empted And Derailed All Hope Of Resting … 

A Good Night’s Sleep was something I couldn’t even dream about.  How’s that for poetic irony?

Malaise crept in.  Focus slipped out.  I drifted into a numb trance.

… Uncertainty filled the void, anchored by Worry and Thoughtless Thoughts. 


I Plan On Getting Almost Nothing Done Today … Which May Be The Problem …   

By focusing on nothing.  Nothing but the Big Un’s.  Little else.

Unwind.  Unplug.  Unstress.  Undo.  Unnecessary.

… Lofty Ambition.


My Ace …  

I can lounge with The Best Of Slackers.

Once I zone in on doing zilch.  Get my Nada dialed in.  Throw a leg over the Hammock.

… My Wanton Superpower: The Ability To Look Busy Doing Jack Squat And Getting Stuff Done. 


Which Is Not Say I’ll Be Idle … 

Passively active.  Actively passive.

Either way, not hurried.

… In My Time.


Not Today, Amigo …

Told you to stay away awhile ago – so let’s keep it that way – and we’ll get along just fine.

Decompress.  Meditate.  No Meh.

… Buddhify Me … Buddhify Self.


The Funk … Disperse This Cloud … 

Be done with the What If’s and What Isn’t?

Whatever happened or didn’t happen this week, yesterday, in April or 2006 …

Was Meant To Be Exactly As Is … So Deal With It, Carl.


Ambivalence … Mired In A Conscience Fog … 

Like flip-flopping over eating leftovers for breakfast rather than oatmeal.

“Nothing Writing In This Blog Can’t Fix.”

… Back To The Now Of It All.


Photo by Asad Photo Maldives