Spiritual Osmosis


Purposefully … Inevitably … 

When Faith In Divine Love Blossomed.

Vanquished doubt, obliterated fear.

… Destination Of My Heart.


Unfolds … Without Hesitation … In Perfect Time …  

We Surrender Our Will.

One Love.  Our Love.  Only Love.

… Serve Our Master.


Denying Him … 

Ashamed, I was.

Forgiven, I am.

… My Path To Loving Him.


Photo by Stephan Seeber





5 thoughts on “Spiritual Osmosis

    • Janet

      “enables fate to do its thing.” I was thinking the same thing. I seem to find what I need only when I take the time to look around. So true. You have a gift with words. It was late and reading that post allowed me to rest (and sleep), but I will browse again soon. Thank you!

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