Miracles. Everyday.


When We Open Our Eyes – With Our Hearts – Faith Delivers ….

“There Are No Surprises, Accidents or Disappointments In True Faith.”

Sure, Awareness Has Got To Do Its Thing, which is where we come in and make some noise.

Perhaps, the Real Miracle is … How We’ve Made It This Far Without A Clue?


In His Order … Chaos Cannot Exist … 

In the Absence of Fear, i.e. Trust In God, God Love.

Doubt lives in Darkness.

… Be In Peace With Him, Be In Peace Within.


Is Not A Feeling We Have … 

Or a Foolish State of Mind – Condition – Emotion we control.

“Love Lives In Us.  Love Is Us.  All We Are Is Love.”

… Love = God = Soul = Divinity Within.


Our Truth On Earth …

What we do with what we have.

And, don’t have.

… In Worship, Honor and Service.


Unconditional Love …

Because there is no other kind, but Understanding, Compassion, Empathy.

All We Give.

… And Receive.


Is Good And Plentiful … 

We needn’t Google it.

Or, why wonder where it all went.

… Find It Within, Let It Out.


Everyday Miracles … Here And There … 

Life is Best …

“When Love Comes To Town.”

No such thing as A Little Bit of Love.


Lips To Lips … Or Any Other Way.

Cheek.  Hand.  Neck.  Foot.

“Baci, Baci.  Mwah, Mwah.  Sugar Me Sweet, Darling.”

… Kisses Say It All Without A Word Of Regret.


Food Beyond Thought …

From the Soul.

“Feed A Hungry Soul.”

… They’ll Know God Sent You.


Have You Ever Sat In A Park …

On the front porch.  Cross-legged on the lawn.  Under a tree.

“Sharing A Sip of Water With The One?”

… Aqua – The Elixir of Life – Imagine That.


Awaken To … Nature Doing Happy Time.

Color.  Colore.  Colour.

In Dreams.  In Life.

… Live In Color.  


All The Way …

Until the Laughter Hurts, you’ll feel no pain.

Hurts so much you can’t live without it.

… You’ve Just Made A Best Friend In Self.


Give Life Pure Thought … What’s It All About?

“Are You Truly Living The Life Gifted To You?”

Spoiler Alert:  The End Happens.

Post Script:  Eternity Begins.


Every Moment … We Breathe … We Blink … 

Our Hearts Beat.

All Around Us.

… Love Is The Great Enabler of Miracles. 


Good Dog = Good Owner … 

Bad Dog … Abused.  Neglected.  Afraid.  Bad Owner.

“God’s Perfect Little Creature.”

… Loving.  Purposeful.  Forgiving.  Kind.  


Kisses …  Sloppy Wet Kisses.

Munching on their Puppy Treats.  Slurping Water from a bowl.  Lighting up the day in every Color.

Their Love.

… For Us.


Photo by Sibi Mathew from Pexels 



12 thoughts on “Miracles. Everyday.

  1. Janet

    “Perhaps, the Real Miracle is … How We’ve Made It This Far Without A Clue?” Oh my! That is a keeper! Thank you for waking my heart up again… Or to Him be the glory. Amen Brother.

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  2. inhiscare753

    Wow…this is absolutely beautifully captivating and and so true. The energy radiates and inspires. Yes, God is love. Gives life..indeed miracles happen everyday. Live it expecting miracles

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  3. Danny Wyatt

    I’m appreciative of following your journey, thanks for sharing. Have you considered motivational speaking, easy to start, approach groups like Kiwanis, Rotary etc. I’ve seen folks leap from small groups like that to corporations, etc. Servant leaders are much needed, keep the faith. You have “it “. D

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      Thank you, Brother. Yes, this is my journey. You’ve been a part of this – me – for so long … Feeling alive again. Perhaps, for the first time. I am searching for other outlets to share, especially of late. I will look to opportunities. M

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